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At Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance, safety is the cornerstone of our business; we focus on Leading with Safety every day. Our robust safety culture and practices, as well as our industry-leading safety products and services offering, are designed to make your roof as safe as possible.

Our commitment to safety stems from our passion to protect a company’s most valuable assets, its employees. We’re all aware that roofing is one of the most dangerous businesses in construction, and serious workplace injuries or death change lives forever – for families, friends, as well as our coworkers. 

With our commitment to having the best trained and equipped workforce in the industry, we naturally look to extend this same commitment to helping our customers possess the needed solutions and training to ensure their employees and service vendors are safe when working and accessing their roof.


With Tremco’s Safety Product Line, You Too Can Lead With S.A.F.E.T.Y!

Safer and Thermally Non-Conductive

Affordable and Customizable

Fire Retardant Properties

Easy Installation

TremSafe™ Inspection and Maintenance Program
Year After Year Performance!

Tremco Roofing’s rooftop safety products and services combine safety evaluations and recommendations with non-penetrating solutions designed with cutting edge technology, all supported by our professional safety solutions team who can help you find the right solution that meets your needs for safety and budget planning. 

Our line of safety products provide a long service life due to their high durability and corrosion resistance. These products require little maintenance and are easy to clean, with little or no need for sandblasting, scraping, and painting. Most of our products are made of advanced fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) resin; the non-conductive properties of our FRP products make them a great choice for rooftop safety and help prevent injuries from slips, trips and falls.


Lead With Safety Tremco



Keeping You and Your Employees Safe When Rooftop Access is Required on Your Building Through:

  1. Safety Evaluations

  2. Safety Solutions and Training

  3. Support from a Nationwide Team of ANSI Trained Competent Persons for Fall Protection


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      Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance's Phillip Harris, Jr. and Shari Carlozzi lead a discussion on what it takes to understand, identify, and recognize required safety standards for rooftop fall protection to bring your buildings up to compliance.

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    Access everything you need to stay in the know with Tremco Safety Solutions. Here you will find Product Data Sheets on all eleven systems, Marketing Material for contractors, building owners, and facility managers and Installation Manuals for technical reference. 

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    • Product Data Sheets

      Download all Product Data Sheets conveniently in one easy-to-share document right here!

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      Download Individual Pages:

      Dynarail® FRP Safety Ladder:
      The innovative Dynarail® fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) safety ladder and cage system meets or exceeds OSHA requirements. Dynarail cage components are shipped in compact kit form - not large, bulky units prone to damage.

      Dynaround Hatch Guard:
      All Rooftop entry/exit points must be protected. The DynaRound Hatch Guard provides a non-penetrating, affordable solution. With easy setup, our hatch protection system can be used for both temporary and permanent solutions. The adjustable, self-closing gate prevents accidental entrance.

      Dynaround RG™ (Roof Guard):
      DynaRound RG™, is designed for safety and fall protection on rooftop applications. Each system is made of durable, weather-resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) composite uprights and non-FRP counterbalance weights and connector components. This system meets applicable safety standards in the U.S. and Canada to protect people working at heights.

      Dynaround RG (Roof Guard) Slimline™:
      DynaRound RG Slimline™, provides safety and fall protection on rooftop applications. While our RG system utilizes counter balance bases, the SlimLine systems use both counterbalance bases in addition to circular galvanized bases.

      Dynaweight Fall Protection System:
      DynaWeight Fall Protection System is the perfect solution for fall protection when circumstances require non-penetrating versatility. This system is tested and approved for use on flat rooftop surfaces (single ply, BUR, concrete, modified bitumen membranes, AlphaGuard™ BIO, AlphaGuard™ MT/MTS, and AlphaGuard™ PUMA), with a maximum incline of 5 degrees. It provides tie off options for two people if used for fall restraint or one person for fall arrest; sets up quickly and is easy to move.

      Dynaround Warning Lines:
      DynaRound Warning Lines available in a heavy and light duty design. Our heavy-duty warning line systems can be used as a permanent warning system with heavy-duty galvanized base plates, plastic coated steel cable, and plastic pennants. The heavy-duty stanchions and bases are designed to withstand years of use.

      Corvex® Molded Grating With Rubber Feet:
      Molded Walkway Grating is made with a unique Corvex resin system that outperforms many competitive fiberglass and metal products. Our molded grating is corrosion resistant, lightweight, slip resistant, and easy to install. Specially designed rubber feet can be added to molded grating, elevating it ½” above the surface, offering an economical raised walkway solution for use around maintenance equipment, machines, wet areas, and rooftop walkway areas.

      FRP Ship Stair Crossovers and FRP Stair Crossovers
      Our FRP Crossovers are pre-engineeered and both corrosion- and slip-resistant. Available in a variety of heights that address most standard clearances, these Crossovers provide a cost-effective, safe solution over many rooftop obstructions. Crossover systems create a safe working environment, are lightweight, easy to install and designed to meet all applicable safety standards in the U.S. and Canada.

      Fiberplate® Stair Tread Covers

      Fiberplate® stair tread covers are a convenient way to provide solid, slip resistant footing for existing treads that are still structurally sound. Stair tread covers may be installed over wood, concrete or metal steps. Standard color is dark gray with a highly visible safety yellow nosing for industrial applications.

      Skylight Guard

      The Tremco Skylight Guard is specifically designed to protect against injuries and deaths around skylight openings. The non-penetrating design is available in customizable sizes and features a unique compression attachment system. It installs in minutes and since there is no drilling required, you’ll keep your surfaces uncompromised while maintaining a safe work environment for your employees.

      Skylight Guard XL 

      The innovative Skylight Guard XL is precisely designed to protect individuals from injury and death around large skylights, which are considered holes when left unprotected. It has a non-penetrating design for wind loads up to 105mph and includes rubber padded feet on all leg assemblies to ensure roofing membrane is protected.

      Skylight Guard Hail Screens 

      Skylight Guards are specifically designed to protect against injuries and deaths around skylight openings. The non-penetrating design is available in customizable sizes and features a unique compression attachment system.  It installs in minutes and since there is no drilling required, you’ll keep your surfaces uncompromised while maintaining a safe work environment for your employees.

      Rooftop Products Accessories Page 

      Including the DynaRound Slimline Access Point Kit and the DynaRound Safety Gate

      Rooftop Safety Solutions Product Overview 

      Rooftop safety solutions available through Tremco


    • Marketing Material

      Check out the marketing material below available to contractors, facility managers and building owners. Mobile friendly versions are available for reading on any device and you have the option to conveniently download, print and share.


      Safety Solutions GuideDownload


      Lead With Safety



      OSHA Reference SheetDownload


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