Welcome to Tremco South Africa

Roof Restoration and Waterproofing Sealants

Tremco is a global leader in providing innovative solutions for roof restoration, waterproofing, sealing and the building envelope. Tremco South Africa specialise in the manufacture of sealants, waterproofing and roof restoration products for multiple structures including office buildings, stadiums, parking garages, homes, hospitals, high-rises and more.

Roof Inspection and Analysis:

The Tremco team take care of roof repair and restoration, by starting with a roof analysis and then offering appropriate recommendations and warranties that will give you peace of mind. They offer roof sealants for industrial, commercial and residential roofing, and use the latest technology for roofing maintenance and repair.

Tremco South Africa has built its reputation by providing the right solution for your roofing and building envelope through our products, services and people.