Meet the RISE™ Team

At RISE™, it's not just a team – it's a collective vision.

Together with Tremco CPG and WTI, we're not just collaborating – we're building legacies.

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Maleah Evans

Assistant Director of RISE

How we works?

Maleah Evans has gained unparalleled expertise in various departments at Tremco CPG with most of her career being spent working within Weatherproofing Technologies Inc.  Maleah’s background in the construction industry spans nearly 24 years, and today, she is synonymous with the vision and growth of the RISE (Roofing Individuals Succeed through Education). The initiatives of RISE include a free 2/4-year college education for those wanting to begin a career in construction, a journeyman certification for new and existing WTI employees, and the revolutionary ELEVATE program. Her daily mantra revolves around three pillars: reliability, respect, and relationship-building. Under her stewardship, RISE is laser-focused on creating sustainable employment and educational opportunities for individuals. Furthermore, the RISE Program is reshaping the construction industry by introducing its vast potentials to traditionally underserved communities.


2019 marked a pivotal year for Maleah as she spearheaded the inception of the ELEVATE program. This initiative, under her guidance, has seen significant expansion and has become instrumental in certifying incarcerated individuals with OSHA 10-hour training. Such endeavors have cemented the roofing sector as a promising avenue for post-release progression. Unsurprisingly, Maleah's expertise is highly coveted, making her a frequent face at panel discussions, webinars, and conferences centered around the ELEVATE initiative.

Beyond her professional life, Maleah finds solace in spending peaceful moments with loved ones. Her favorite way to rejuvenate is by traveling to serene beach destinations and indulging in delicious food and good company.

With Maleah Evans leading the charge, the RISE Program continues to set industry standards while making a positive impact on society.

Allie Houston

Education and Community Outreach Coordinator

How we works?

A proud graduate with a Bachelor's in Education from Kent State University, Allie began her professional voyage as a dedicated teacher and tutor for Akron Public School's upper elementary scholars. Yet, her vision extended beyond the classroom walls. Recognizing the potential for wider societal impact, Allie pivoted towards making a tangible difference in broader communities, particularly for those unaware of the opportunities that education can unlock.

Every day, Allie approaches her role as the Education and Community Outreach Coordinator with a singular mission: to illuminate paths for those often overshadowed. Her unwavering commitment propels her to continually challenge and uplift Construction Manager Junior Associates, ensuring they harness their full potential.
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Allie's deep-seated passion for education and community drew her to the RISE initiative, with a specific focus on the Construction Management Degree Program. This innovative partnership with the University of Akron enables students to dive into both general education and specialized construction courses, offering a robust platform to earn their associate's or bachelor's degrees in construction management.

When the workday ends, Allie treasures moments with her family, husband David, and friends. Allie also immerses herself in crime podcasts and books and enjoys movie nights with friends. And, of course, there's the delightful company of her cat, Ollie.

We're honored to have Allie's visionary spirit as part of the RISE team.

Carlata Stewart

Education and Community Outreach Coordinator

How we works?

As the Education and Community Outreach Coordinator for RISE, Carlata plays an essential role in the ELEVATE program. This initiative is more than just a project—it's our commitment to offer second chances to incarcerated individuals, facilitating their reintegration and success in the community.

Complementing her work, Carlata is furthering her own education with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Leadership from Capella University. Her credentials extend beyond academics; she's also a registered mentor and life coach, bringing a holistic approach to her role, ensuring both personal and career growth for those she mentors.

Based in Milwaukee, where she cherishes time with her fiancé Martin and their three children, Carlata is as much a pillar in her community as she is within our organization. Beyond her day-to-day responsibilities, she’s an ordained minister and a steadfast supporter of local sports, including the Green Bay Packers, Bucks, and Brewers.

We're honored to have Carlata on our team, shaping the future with us.

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