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At RISE™, we're empowering change – one life at a time.

Together with Tremco CPG and WTI, we're not just teaching skills – we're transforming lives and communities.



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ELEVATE 2nd Chance Program


Elevate was established in 2019 that focuses on the education and recruitment of citizens within Corrections institutes for the construction industry. This program will provide the Department of Correction with localized training and access to reentry programs. This program enables WTI to restore hope, confidence and support to good people who need a helping hand, not a handout.


How we works?

  • Partnership with State Department of Correctional Institutions
  • Participate in state re-entry programs providing job opportunities to restored citizens
  • Provide training program within the institution prior to release and job offer
  • Provide relocation support, mentoring and other resources upon release


University of Akron Construction Management Degree Programs


Now there's a way to earn your college degree while you work.



How we works?

  • 100% online courses
  • Work on your own schedule. No virtual class meeting times
  • Access to University of Akron tutoring resources
  • 100% paid tuition with no catch

We Provide Best Quality
Business Services

Ready to Learn More?

- 63 credit hours

- Construction-based courses

- General Education courses



- 120 credit hours (63 from Associate Degree Program)

- Construction-based courses

-Business courses



-Last Day of Classes for the Fall 23 Semester: December 10th 2023

-Final Exam Week: December 11th - 17th 2023

-University of Akron Commencement for RISE Students: December 16th 2023

-Start of the Spring 24 semester: January 16th, 2024

-Start of the Summer 24 semester: May 20th, 2024

-Start of the Fall 24 semester: August 26th, 2024




Apprenticeship Certification Program


WTI's Apprenticeship Program combines on-the-job training with related online and classroom instruction. Our program is nationally accredited and federally sanctioned, so it's recognized in all 50 states and US territories.


How we works?

  • Receive 4,000 hours of work instruction
  • Earn 15 college credit hours
  • Earn a journeyman certificate
  • No cost for college credits or employment dues

My experience working with WTI’s ELEVATE team has been truly remarkable. My team's dedication to providing valuable skills, support, and guidance is making a real difference. I'm proud to be associated with a program that helps individuals find hope, purpose, and a second chance in society.

Macain Cantrelle

Macain Cantrelle


Since I started working for Tremco, so much has happened for me in a positive way. I got custody of my kids. The best part of the team I work with, no matter what I need, I can call any one of them and they'll be there to help me out.

Cynthia Barnwell

Cynthia Barnwell

ELEVATE Employee

I can honestly say that the ELEVATE program is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It has changed my life and opened new doors for me. It also helped me have the courage to walk through them. The culture has been built around family and family is something you can work for... THANK YOU!

Jante Glasgow

Jante Glasgow

ELEVATE Employee



Modification of Work Duty Program

Tremco's New Return to Work Program. Modified duty may be in employee's regular position, in an alternate position, or an off-site position at a non-profit.

How we works?

  • Placement assignments are first shift only
  • Employees receive regular rate of pay
  • Employees retain benefits during MDOS

I cannot explain enough about how rewarding this program was to learn and access daily. Earning my journeyman certification was very rewarding, and you can do it too!

Caden - circle

Caden Aquino

Journeyman certified 2023

Working within the Construction Management Degree Program, the flexibility and the effort that Tremco puts in to make sure you succeed in your education and your career is unmatched.


Hamzah Al-Jammal

Fall 2023 Graduate
I always had support from WTI, whether it was from the RISE team or others in my field. With this support, my transition to a Construction Manager Associate was made simple. I highly recommend taking this opportunity.

Mark Dittman

Fall 2022 Graduate
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